Janelle E. Koren

CEO and Founder of Locate Staffing, Inc. and On-Site Solutions, LLC.

In 1999, with no prior knowledge of Human Resources or Staffing Janelle decided to jump into the Staffing Industry (her previous education and experience had been in Accounting) and she hasn’t looked back.

  • Favorite Adult Beverage

    Apple Martini with Grey Goose Vodka and 2 cherries.

  • Bucket List

    I've always wanted to experience the Greek Islands off of Athens, specifically Santorini and Mykonos Island.

  • Pet Peeve

    People not waiting their turn in line! What happened to manners? Be respectful and polite.

  • Favorite Food

    Mexican, but not necessarily "authentic". My go to dish would be enchiladas, refried beans, and rice - just makes me smile!

  • Three adjectives that describe me

    Driven, Relentless, and Generous

  • Who I would like to have dinner with (alive, dead, or fictional)

    Richard Branson. He's very accomplished but seems to be so laid back at the same time. I would love to pick his brain!

  • Favorite Game

    Not really a fan of games but I occasionally like to play cards.

  • Favorite Holiday

    Holidays are difficult since my parents and my son Michael have passed away.

  • Occupation in another life

    Real Estate - land development, condo developments or master planned communities. I love the design process.

  • Favorite Vacation

    This is hard because I love the laid back atmosphere of Waikiki Beach but I think I have to say it was our 2015 trip to Paris France because we had VIP tickets to Roland Garros (The French Open).

  • Favorite Movie

    Without a doubt, Pursuit of Happiness. It's such an inspirational movie. Shows that good things can happen to people that are willing to work hard.


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