Locate Staffing recognizes you are only as good as the people you employ!

Take a look at the amazing benefits that Locate Staffing has to offer. We never charge a fee!

  • Health | Dental | Vision | Life | Disability

    Locate Staffing allows employees to enroll in an ACA compliant Health Care Plan within the first 30 days of employment, open enrollment in April, through Essential StaffCare. A fully compliant MEC plan and standard plan options are available.

  • Vacation and Holiday Pay

    Everyone needs time away from work, to rest and relax, for a healthy lifestyle! Locate Staffing rewards employees with both vacation and holiday pay benefits. Eligibility for vacation and holiday pay benefits are based on accumulated hours worked.

  • Development and Enrichment Programs

    Whether you are looking to brush up on your skills or learn something new, Locate Staffing offers self-study opportunities with a variety of programs to sharpen your skills and put you at the top of the selection process! Programs are all FREE and can be administered through the following: In our Office - based on available space! On the Web – anywhere, anytime!

  • Direct Deposit or Global Cash Card

    Your pay, your way! Receiving your pay shouldn’t be difficult – you’ve earned it. At Locate Staffing you can choose between Direct Deposit (funds deposited directly into a checking or savings account) or Global Cash Card (debit card).

  • Employee Referral Bonus

    Finding and retaining great employees is one of the reasons for our success! When you refer a qualified candidate to Locate Staffing, you earn a cash bonus! Please refer your friends, neighbors, relatives, etc., (who have not worked for us previously) to receive your bonus. There is no limitations to the amount of referrals or bonuses! See your recruiter for more information.

  • Recognition Bonus

    To show our appreciation and to reward work well done, Locate Staffing offers a variety of recognition bonus programs. Some examples would include Employee of the Month, Perfect Attendance, Safe Workplace and annual Turkey drawings just to name a few!


We put great people and great companies together!